Corporate Milestones

From a small cottage factory making dry batteries in 1964, Gold Peak Group has developed over the past 50 years into an Asian multinational group holding renowned brand names for its major product categories such as GP Batteries, KEF premium consumer speakers and CELESTION professional speaker drivers. Today, the Group has manufacturing, R&D, marketing and distribution operations in more than 10 countries and employs 8,500 people worldwide.
When the use of smart phones, tablets and USB-driven devices become more popular on the market, consumers call for quality portable chargers to power up the devices anywhere.

In July 2009, the first GP Portable PowerBank had been launched to fulfill the increasing demand of portable charger. Thus, customers can enjoy using electronic devices anywhere and anytime.
A newly-invented rechargeable battery, GP ReCyko+, integrated the advanced battery technology and environmental friendliness simultaneously.

GP ReCyko+ has been pre-charged and ready to use upon purchase. It holds 85% capacity after 12 months when left unused. It can be recharged and reused for up to 1,000 times, which equals to 1000 pieces of alkaline batteries.
With the new millennium came the dawn of the wireless age. At home or on the move, consumers now expect to communicate freely without cables. Sending and receiving emails from anywhere and the convergence of the phone, the computer and the digital camera have become facts of life. Electronic devices are developed in line with the most up-to-date Asian lifestyle and manufactures vie to produce ever sleeker and more advanced models.

A new high-tech, lightweight battery has emerged in response to these trends. Li-ion(lithium ion) rechargeable batteries joined their NiMH brothers on the GP production line in 2000 to provide even higher performance from lightweight and small size sources of power.
People really got serious about mobility in the nineties — especially in Hong Kong where mobile phone ownership per capita quickly outstripped Europe and North America. Notebook computers and camcorders for recording every significant moment came within reach for many consumers.

NiMH(nickel metal hydride) became the new standard in rechargeable batteries for the latest portable telecommunications and electronic devices. At the same time, the opening of the Chinese consumer market allowed us to mass produce and market carbon zinc and alkaline cylindrical cells under the “GP” brand.

In the late 1990’s we launched the first-ever “GP PowerBank” —a charger for general-purpose rechargeable batteries — which quickly became a household product. Many different “GP PowerBank” models have since been developed.
Remember the first “cordless” phones, “mobile” phones and “portable” computers? Cumbersome though they seem alongside today’s featherweight appliances, they were hailed as a breakthrough in terms of mobility when they first made their appearance in the eighties.

These devices were powered by the NiCd (nickel cadmium) rechargeable batteries, around which Gold Peak built another business. At the same time GP’s 23A high voltage batteries powered devices for drivers to unlock car doors remotely and to drive remote control of devices which open garage doors without leaving the car.

Venturing into Europe in the early 1990’s, we purchased a 9-volt alkaline factory in Denmark and transferred the technology to Malaysia.
In the 1970’s Hong Kong became the world centre for producing calculators, watches and all other gadgets that fed a growing global hunger for all things electronic. It seemed everyone wanted the latest up-to-the-minute digital watches.

Gold Peak quickly responded and became a major producer of the new alkaline and silver oxide button cell batteries that powered these gadgets. We became the battery supplier for top brands in the electronic watches and calculators.
The sixties in Hong Kong saw absorbing new immigrants and building an industrial powerhouse. Our first 9-volt batteries rolled off the factory production line in Hong Kong in 1964 to power the transistor radios that were the desirable accessories of the day.

Gold Peak began life as a specialty battery manufacturer and the 9-volt carbon zinc battery was our first product.